Bentlon Platinum treatment bed, with memory & heating.

Bentlon Beauty Platinum treatment bed, with memory & heating.

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For practical use A lot of research has gone into the development of the Bentlon treatment chairs. The basis for the development of the latest generation of treatment chairs was a large-scale questionnaire among beauticians. The result was valuable and the designers set to work using it. Experts in various specialist areas were involved in the development, such as physiotherapists, ergonomic experts, art designers and, of course, also beauticians. Comfort The Bentlon chairs have ergonomic upholstery. Because of the ratios between the back, seat and leg section and the extendable foot support, the chair is not only suitable for tall people, but small people too find it very comfortable to sit in. You can feel that the upholstery adjusts to every movement and the whole body is completely supported.