Eyelash Lifting Kit Combinal, for 60 treatments

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Eyelash Lifting Kit Combinal . 60 treatments

This innovative method lifts eyelashes gently, making them look longer and more voluminous. Whether short or long eyelashes, the gentle lifting effect gives them a more expressive look.

 COMBINAL EYELASH LIFTING modifies the conventional eyelash perm. Instead of rollers, the eyelash lifting is used with silicone pads, which are more comfortable, compared to the rollers. Through our innovative formulation, the eyelashes are lifted instead of curled. For an even more expressive effect we recommend to also tint the eyelashes during the treatment.  


    Gives the eyelashes an upward lift

    Creates the illusion of length and volume

    The eyes get a more expressive look

    Results are immediatel   

    Lasts up to 4 weeks

The EYELASH LIFTING KIT content lasts for approx. 60 treatments.y visible