Gold Peelable Wax, 500 gr

Peelable Wax, Gold, 800 gr

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Outback Gold peelable wax. Designed to make waxing a first class experience from start to finish, Outback Gold is tough on hair but gentle on skin, and super-easy to use. With no need for fiddly figure-of-eight patterns, this buttery soft peelable wax is applied in the direction of hair growth and removed against, the same as strip wax. Spread in thin single layers and peeled off by hand, Outback Gold eliminates the need for paper or fabric strips and uses up to 60% less product compared to traditional hot wax, making it incredibly economical. In addition, a rapid drying time of less than 30 seconds means quicker treatments and better profits for busy therapists, without sacrificing results. Outback Gold utilises advanced polymer technology which literally 'shrink wraps' hair as it dries, for effective removal of even the shortest and most stubborn of hairs